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At Cleaning Carpet Houston, TX, we specialize in turning back the clock on your carpets no matter their conditions. From coffee stains to traffic lanes and long years of dirt, from pet spots to soda and wine spills, we can thoroughly clean to return your carpets look and feel fresh again, depending on the latest state of technology in carpet cleaning systems.


Explore Our Advanced Green Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning system is the leading edge of technology that combines powerful, green cleaning solutions with the most advanced technological machines and methods to reach deep into the carpet pile to break down embedded oils, stubborn stains, and dirt. No stains can resist our powerful eco-friendly cleaning and sanitization solutions that depend on the most up-to-date technology in the truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment, which has a super ability to melt the toughest stains with the power of the steam pressure.

Our expert carpet cleaners are professional enough to safely modify the temperature of the used water and the steam as per your carpet fabric and the hardness of the stains, in a way leading to extracting all the dirt from the deep to the surface and removing it completely from the carpet while keeping your carpet fabric safe.

We also use green sanitization detergents that can fight all the mites, bacteria, microbes, viruses, moths, carpet beetles, and insect larvae that may place on your carpet. The carpet cleaning mission at Cleaning Carpet Houston, TX, also includes anti-microbial treatments and anti-odor treatments that will leave your carpet fully sanitized and free of any odors to spread fresh smells.

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No Chemical Cleaning Treatments & Dry Carpet!

Many carpet cleaning companies focus on the surface with a quick clean with many gallons of water that will not remove stubborn dirt and soil. But that is not what you will get with our technicians at Cleaning Carpet Houston, TX, who will leave your carpet completely dry with no soap residue.

We also at Cleaning Carpet Houston, TX, apply professional carpet cleaning treatments that are free of any chemicals that may destroy your carpet fabric and threaten your children's and pets' health. By using the State-Of-The-Art machinery in the carpet cleaning industry, including the latest high-powered hot water extraction machines, and the powerful sanitization products, we will be able to beat any stains and hidden pollutants, even COVID-19. So, when it comes to carpet cleaning and sanitization mission in Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves on being the leaders.

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About Our Free-Estimate Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning Carpet Houston, TX, provides Houston, Texas, with a wide range of free-estimate carpet cleaning services that include;

commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, preparation treatment to loosen dirt, steam extraction cleaning, Carpet stain protection, odor removal, wine stain removal, urine stain removal, blood stain removal, spot stain removal, low moisture carpet cleaning, etc.

We offer a pre-treatment step that will facilitate our deep carpet cleaning service and finalize our mission by restoring the brightness of the carpet, sanitizing, and deodorizing the carpet. Get in touch with the superior carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX.

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